Kingdom’s Children

Channel for teens and young adults struggling to find the direction of their lives. Common topics that are often overlooked or avoided in todays culture. Allowiing those seeking a greater life in the Spirit and finding God’s promises fro them.

Never Be Lonely

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We were never created to exist in a vacuum, having no contact with others, God created each of us for a relationship with Him and others. Christianity is the perfect Social network, Created by God through Jesus Christ joined together by the Holy Spirit. When we gather together we become a very powerful force that God uses to Change lives. In the book of Acts many lives were changed and a world wide ministry began. 

“God is Real”

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What have you witnessed to convince you God is Real. Listen as I tell you a story that is true about how God showed up when they needed him most and not only changed the lives of these two teens but also the life of the man responsible for their rescue.

First Things First.

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We put so many things in front of God as priorities, what do we teach our Children by doing this? We rush around all day and complain on how busy we are, we run to and fro with no real direction, blown around as a leaf is blown by the wind. Then when it come time for our Children to think of the future we become exasperated because they have no real direction. It begins first with seeking God, then we will find a direction, His direction for us, His good and Perfect direction.

God Wants our Attention

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The events of Easter must have a greater impact on our Faith Despite what the news Media want us to believe. The arrogance of the Church must be put aside, While we humbly come before God and call on Him to heal our land and our people. All of us need to stop living as if there is no spiritual world and Satan is only a myth and begin living the reality that Christ died on the Cross for all of us. If Satan is not real and sin does not exist then why did we need a Savior.  

Easter Hope

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It's sad to see people walk around with no hope, frustrated and bitter with life not having anything to look forward to. This is the condition of the world today with the exception of the Christian Church. Christians seem to have a bounce to their step, things don't seem to matter to them as much. Why? Take all the things you have heard about Christians and throw it in the trash and listen to this message.

Apart from Jesus

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What distracts us? We may not realize that we are being drawn away by things occupying our mind. When we are drawn away, projects seem much harder, goals less attainable, we become withdrawn and irritable. This is what Jesus meant when He said; "Apart from Me You can do Nothing."

What is your Foundation?

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What Foundation have you built your life on? Things in this World that will soon go away or the eternal word and truth Jesus has given all of us. Jesus Says; "I am the way the truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father but through Me." 

Include the Chuldren

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Children must be a part of every Ministry, God never intended them to be seen and Not heard, as he Said through Jesus "The Kingdom was meant for such as these."

God Has a Plan For You

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God has a plan for your life no matter what others tell you. If you are feeling unwanted or unloved take heart you are dearly loved by your own Father God. Be encouraged today.


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