Kingdom’s Children

Channel for teens and young adults struggling to find the direction of their lives. Common topics that are often overlooked or avoided in todays culture. Allowiing those seeking a greater life in the Spirit and finding God’s promises fro them.

What is your Foundation?

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What Foundation have you built your life on? Things in this World that will soon go away or the eternal word and truth Jesus has given all of us. Jesus Says; "I am the way the truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father but through Me." 

Include the Chuldren

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Children must be a part of every Ministry, God never intended them to be seen and Not heard, as he Said through Jesus "The Kingdom was meant for such as these."

God Has a Plan For You

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God has a plan for your life no matter what others tell you. If you are feeling unwanted or unloved take heart you are dearly loved by your own Father God. Be encouraged today.

Our First Podcast an introduction

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Welcome to Kingdom Children, don't let the name fool you we are all Children of the Kingdom of God, Young and old alike. The Purpose of this Podcast is to offer a true look at Who God our Father is, this World we live in is under the control of Satan, He uses colorful words and emotions to keep us enslaved to our addictions, habits and wants. By keeping us focused on ourselves we can never experience what God has promised us.